Grass just keeps on growing, doesn’t it?  And weeds too.  In fact, they probably grow faster!  Which leaves you with a problem…  You work so hard on your plot because you love working with nature, not because you love working with heavy, smelly, noisy cutting machinery.  What is a person to do?

But there is another way…  Use a scythe!

We (mankind) have been running tests over the past 2000 years and have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that a scythe is a fast and effective tool.  As well as that, it’s:

–  quiet (hooray shout your neighbours)

–  safe (hooray shout your vibration-addled fingers)

–  fascinating and meditative (hooray shouts your mind)

A scythe is a great replacement for a strimmer or even a lawnmower.  Yes, you have to spend a little bit of time learning the skill (handily, I have some scythe courses on offer here), but you were never one to shy away from that sort of thing, were you?  Once you have got the hang of it, you can even cut your lawn – and cut it short – with a scythe.

Here, in gloriously awful quality, is a short clip of me teaching Monty Don to scythe on the Great British Garden Revival.



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